How to win at video poker: tips & bonuses for successful play

2 years ago

Online video poker is an adapted and improved version of Draw Poker, an old gambling game. Despite its simplicity – this poker is just an online slot machine – the game continues to gain popularity. The bets are usually low and depend on the chosen game server: from a quarter of a dollar to $ 5 for two cards on hand. Of course, gamblers have made their best to work out a strategy on how to win at video poker.

How to win at video poker: the basic strategy for slots

The return rate in many video pokers approaches 100%, and sometimes exceeds this level, providing the player with mathematical superiority over the virtual club. It is very important to choose a basic strategy for video poker. The main tips on how to win at video poker slots are as follows:

  • Better to choose games with maximum RTP. It is the most significant indicator;
  • To choose a strategy for each variety. They are not interchangeable;
  • Players should not rely on intuition. The best is to believe in math;
  • They need to learn how to manage a bankroll and choose a bet size;
  • Not to believe in betting systems. Only optimal strategies help to win video poker;
  • To make the maximum bet for real money if only this way players can hit the jackpot;
  • Gamers need to take part in video poker tournaments. They are free and very profitable;
  • Players must not try strategies on how to win at video poker play online casino with welcome bonuses. It is most often prohibited. Even if allowed, the conditions are very harsh.

Video poker is a very attractive gambling device for prudent casino clients. The advantage of such slots is a high level of theoretical return, thanks to which players can often win.

Tips to succeed in the Jacks or Better slot

Jacks or Better by Playtech is a slot that offers gambling according to standard rules and tactics of how to win at video poker. The deck consists of 52 cards (there are no jokers). There are nine main combinations in Jacks or Better: Royal Flush, Street Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Street, Three, Two pairs, Pair. All of them correspond to certain wins, and the more original the combination is, the higher the gain. It is very significant to master all of them to increase winning chances.

Also, players can enjoy the risk game. It requires choosing one of four cards, while the fifth card is open on the screen. The slot machine is very simple, except for five cards and a payout table on the main screen, players will not see anything else. Since everything is pretty transparent, the chance to get a win is very high.

Some secrets to win Deuces Wild online

The winner in Deuces Wild by Betsoft will be the one who collects the maximum non-standard winning combination. Beginners can use tables in which all the necessary information is collected. The highest combination consists of five cards. The chance of victory increases if players:

  • familiarize themselves with all the rules of the game;
  • learn to count possible combinations in the head;
  • take into account all options for the development of events;
  • do not change the size of the bet sharply;
  • stick to the chosen strategy.

Winning combinations can fall out in the very first game. In Deuces Wild slot, a lot depends on luck and on the ability to assess the strategy on how to win at video poker.

Bonus offers in video poker devices

Bonus offers can improve the tactics of how to win at video poker. Bonuses can be of several types, and they form groups according to the conditions of receipt:

  • No deposit. Users get them for registration, without the need to replenish the account;
  • Deferred for the first deposit. The players that make the first deposit to the account on the platform get them;
  • Instant reward on the first deposit. To receive it, it is necessary to deposit a certain minimum amount or higher. Money immediately goes to the player’s cash desk and can be used for playing (no wager is required).

In some cases, users can use several types of bonus offers in one online casino to work out their strategy on how to win at video poker machines.

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